Rose Colored Photography was established in 2009, servicing the Los Angeles area for over a decade. We take photographs of people, sometimes pets if we're lucky, and our focus is to capture our clients honestly. Our approach is to get an understanding of who you are, why you need us, and work together to achieve photographs that really represent you. If this was a cooking recipe, getting to know our clients is the "secret sauce". If you're seeking business headshots- we want to know about the company you work for, your role in it, and what you personally bring to the job. If you're an engaged couple- we want to know how you met, what you bond over, and what you do for a date night. Building the client + photographer relationship helps us tailor the photographs to you and it allows us to deliver work we're truly proud of.


business owner + lead photographer

I was born, raised, and still reside in Southern California with David and our Bernedoodle, B.B. When I'm editing photos, "BoJack Horseman" or some sort of crime documentary is playing in the background. I don't mess around when it comes to Halloween (ask me about my pregnant Beyonc√© costume) and I love throwing a themed party (ask me about my "Friends" themed 30th birthday). Traveling and eating delicious foods, along with David's mango margarita are a few of my favorite things.

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assistant "to the" business owner + second shooter

An Illinoisan turned Californian at age 13. I don't miss the winters but I do miss Johnnie's Beef. Along with Rose Colored Photography, I work in the digital marketing field. I have, what Alyssa calls, a "stressful" amount of browser tabs open while I'm working but there's a system in place, I promise. I will enthusiastically chat about the housing market, stocks, and/or Tesla because I've become "that guy" and I'm cool with that. Traveling and eating delicious foods, along with Alyssa's brownie pie are a few of my favorite things.

portrait family wedding photographer los angeles