Attire Tips: Family Photography

Start with a color palette

A color palette is a great guide in selecting your family members outfits because it creates cohesion. You want your family to "go" together and, although adorable, not necessarily matching exactly. It's more interesting to the eye when your family members wear a variety of colors and patterns rather than the same outfit across the board. When selecting your palette (a main color and 2-3 complimentary colors) keep in mind the season and location of your photo shoot. If you want to take the guess work out of it, browse Pinterest for outfit color palettes and tons of helpful guides will show up.

color palette family photos

Add patterns and texture

Don't be afraid of bringing in patterns and textures! This creates interest and variety in your photos. This family mixed three different patterns and denim to tie the outfits together. Even though there are different patterns it's not overwhelming because they kept the colors simple and cohesive.

When selecting patterned or textured items, avoid branding or worded shirts because they tend to date photographs or feel like a commercial for a the brand.

tips on what to wear for family photography

Make sure it feels like you

It's easy to get lost in a sea of search results for "family photo outfits" but make sure to not get too swept up in what others are wearing. The most important and tried-and-true tip in choosing your attire is to make sure it feels like you. If you don't feel comfortable or like yourself in the attire you're in, it will show through in photos. Once you've decided on a color palette, head to your closet or clothing store and start with you and your partner's outfits. Choose something you would wear on a casual date night- something elevated from your day-to-day attire but nothing overly fancy. Once you're happy with that, move on to the kids and make sure they're in line with your palette and go well with your already-chosen looks. Add in some texture and patterns- you are well on your way to great family photos!

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