June 24, 2016


I'm going to attempt to write about how special this experience was. It's so meaningful to me and this family that I want to do it justice and fight the urge to just put a bunch of heart-eyed emojis in this pos...

June 14, 2016


Hello! Hello!

 Summer is just around the corner and so is the due date for little Finn Coplen! Finn is truly lucky to have Sarah and Collins as parents. I not only have had the pleasure of working with Sarah but...

May 8, 2016


Rose Colored Photography would like to say, once and for all, we love moms. It's just so nice to get that off of our chests! We've been lucky enough to be surrounded by wonderful, rockstar moms through our year...

March 27, 2016


I've always loved dancing. Ballet, salsa, hip-hop, so-bad-it's-good dancing; you name it, I love it! Let me say here and now, I am not claiming I am good at it, I just simply love everything about it. There's s...

February 27, 2016


 Happy Friday Everybody! 


I want to send you off into the weekend with a post featuring a family I adore: The Garbas! Unfortunately it wasn't the full family this time around, Ahmadu was at work, so it was...