Editing Process for Headshots

We understand the balance of lightly enhancing your headshot by using editing tools to bring out the best of your features. We never take your headshot to the heavy-handed, "Photoshopped" look and we celebrate what makes you you.

Before Editing Commercial Actor Headshot


Edited and Retouched Commercial Actor Headshot


Here's what we do:


Straightening and cropping your headshot to create the perfect frame so you're the main focus.

Color Correct

Adjusting white-balance, temperature, tint, exposure, contrast, etc. to create a stand-out look while also flattering your skin tone.

Skin Care

Addressing those pesky blemishes that decided to show up during your photo shoot while making sure your natural lines, moles, freckles, and anything that makes you uniquely you remain intact.

Eyes + Teeth

Brightening up those focus features so they are the first things you notice.


Removing those rebellious strands of hair that are pulling focus from your headshot.


Fixing clothing distractions such as lint, exposed under clothing, loose seams, or inconsistencies such as a missing button.

Represent You

Most importantly our goal in the editing process is to enhance your natural, unique features so you are proud that your headshot represents you honestly. We are not in the business of changing your looks. There are tools to make you look 10 years younger, 10lbs lighter, and even make you look like a completely different person but Rose Colored Photography does not participate in unrealistic, damaging, beauty standards.