Hosting an event keeps you busy and it can go by without you taking photos of your guests and hard work; that's where Rose Colored Photography comes in. We focus on the details of your event, big or small, and make sure to get your guests candidly so you, and everyone else, can relive it again and again.


$275 for the first hour +

$100 for each additional hour


pre-session consultation where we'll talk about the details of your event, how long you need photography coverage, and if there are any especially big moments that need to be captured. If you're hosting a larger event and need a second photographer it's an additional $100 per hour ($375 for the first hour + $200 for each additional hour) 

all of your high-resolution photographs are carefully selected and edited to showcase your event

an online gallery available for a full year where you and your guests can view, download, and social share all of the photographs



*Photographs are used by Rose Colored Photography for personal and PR purposes not commercially although we reserve all Copyrights. We ask our clients to only use our images for personal and PR reasons but Commercial Licenses can be purchased