Alyssa Tembrina Photography now Rose Colored Photography

Rose Colored Photography is here! After many months of logo design, website building, and a lot of self doubt overcome by watching Beyonce Youtube videos; it's finally here! But before I bust out the champagne and eat a fancy pizza, I think a 'thank you' is in order! ​ ​

Thank you Alyssa Tembrina Photography Clients


In 2008 I decided to start @photography. Up until that year, it was a hobby where I would have kooky visions and make my friends model for me (that still happens sometimes). It's a really scary thing to decide to run a business alone based on a passion. Terrifying actually. I took on a role where I am trusted to document precious moments

that pass by in seconds or take a headshot that is a tool to help that person

succeed in their career or handle a newborn baby's body! BAHHH! I know I'm not a doctor or saving the world but c'mon, it's a stressful position! I had no idea what I was in for and that first year involved a lot of learning but it was the year that got me hooked. Even with knowing I was new to the game, the surprising part was that the people who hired me believed in me, sometimes way more than I did myself. So, thank you to those first year clients and those repeat clients and all of them in between! If you have hired me in the last 7 years, THANK YOU! You have made my career what it is and you have allowed me to have a deeper love for my work that I didn't know existed!

Rose Colored Photography Team, Alyssa Tembrina and David Kearney


So, why the change? Mainly because it's not just me anymore! If you know me then you know David and if you know us then you know we're a team. When I started out, David was my support and business advisor. Then he

became my come-along-on-shoots-and-hold-props guy and then once we booked our first wedding (SHOUT OUT TO THE GIESKE'S and VAL ORTIZ for getting me the gig!) he ended up with a camera in his hand shooting like a natural. He's been there from the start ​and his role is equally as important as mine. The other reason is because I will no longer be Alyssa Tembrina by next year, I will officially be a Kearney!

Now, why Rose Colored Photography? The expression "seeing your past through rose colored glasses" means to always view your past in a positive light (the phrase is sometimes used in a negative connotation in a sense that you always see things positively when they were actually kind of crappy but I'm Rose Coloring the phrase!) It jumped out at me when I heard it for the first time. I strive to have my photographs bring people back to a milestone in their life and make them feel as happy as they did that day. I knew it was a perfect fit.

So there it is! Our past and present rolled all into one blog post! Thank you again @photography supporters, you're cool cats!


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