Mallory- The Tiny Dancer

Mallory the Tiny Dancer

I've always loved dancing. Ballet, salsa, hip-hop, so-bad-it's-good dancing; you name it, I love it! Let me say here and now, I am not claiming I am good at it, I just simply love everything about it. There's something so freeing to it. You're allowing your body to move and get lost in the music, and to be outside of your mind for a little while. So if you love photography and you love dancing then you've got a peanut butter and jelly situation here, you can't lose. This is the first time I've been asked to take dance photographs and I have the gorgeous and talented Mallory to thank for introducing me to my new obsession.

When I think of ballet, I think discipline and structure so I wanted to loosen up the shoot with a contrasting setting, something free and light so the beach is where I landed. Mallory brought the perfect attire for it too; comfortable and nothing that read traditional ballet. I also loved that her hair was down, it gave such a dramatic element to the photos. While walking toward the Santa Monica Beach, we stopped at a pedestrian bridge that goes over the freeway to take a few photos. The difference between this type of shoot vs. ones I'm used to is how to direct poses. I have no idea what technical terms are for dance but luckily I didn't need to; Mallory knew exactly what to give me because she's awesome. When we got to the beach, I was loving these mid-move shots where she was kicking up sand because it gave it an extra sense of motion. After I took the last shot, I was so excited to start editing them! I went with a washed out tone but kept a rich contrast to make sure those red locks of hers popped.

Sooooo overall, I'm in love with dance photography. Enjoy a few of my favorites from this session and may your Easter be full of bunnies; both chocolate and real!

Dancing Photography

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