The Birth of Baby Jackson

I'm going to attempt to write about how special this experience was. It's so meaningful to me and this family that I want to do it justice and fight the urge to just put a bunch of heart-eyed emojis in this post and be done with it. So, here it goes:

Lauren, my very best friend of 14 years, and her wonderful husband, Eliud, invited me to be with them for the birth of their third baby- Jackson. I was, and still am, mega honored and said yes immediately. In planning this trip, we chose five days around the due-date and just said "we'll see what happens!". Jackson is going to be an incredible planner and an always-5-minutes-early kind of guy because he was starting his arrival the day I landed.

We arrived at the hospital around 10pm

Lauren had decided on a natural birth. If you don't know what that means, simply put, it's no drugs and allllll the feels. I mean all of them. I don't personally know what that's like but I personally know Lauren. She's a sweet, no-big-deal, suck-it-up kind of woman and to see her grunt and scream means that's some real stuff going on there.

I sat quietly and watched Eliud and Lauren-holding each other through contractions, breathing together, and Eliud encouraging her with things like "you got this!". I held back tears the entire time I was there because the amount of love in that room was overwhelming. I thought about their marriage, their journey to this moment, Chris, Kali, Lucy. I thought about meeting Lauren on that first day of high school and being lucky enough to have witnessed her grow into this woman in front of me. I thought about how lucky Jackson is to get to have these unbelievable parents in his life once he comes out. I thought about how Lauren never looked more beautiful.

Around 2am, Jackson was born and everything was perfect.

The next day, Chris and Kali met their new baby brother and every time I see their faces in those photos, my heart just melts. Kids are so honest, there's no filter and those expressions are just true, genuine looks of love and excitement.

Temblador Family- thank you for giving me this gift. I love you!

The Birth of Baby Jackson